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Criterios para la planificación de la actividad docente en las titulaciones de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras


Adopted by the Board of Faculty of 14 March 2012

  1. Establishment of groups of theory and practice: the school will make the proposal for the number of groups to provide, on the basis of the criteria laid down by the VOAP and taking into account the data provided by the departments involved. Efforts will be made to establish a number of homogeneous groups of theory by titling and course. As the number of practical groups, it will be equal among all the theory that has the subject, while taking into account the type of practical activity and the number of registrations.
  2. If some Department proposed bid for a particular subject more groups than those provided by teaching in Valencian, English or French, they are added to the initial proposal received from VOAP, with the accounting of credits corresponds.
  3. In the preparation of schedules, the Faculty will take into account as main premises the interests of our students, the availability of teaching staff and the limitation of spaces for teaching. These criteria should work with the respective commissions of schedules.
  4. Morning shift schedule will run from 8 to 15 h and later, from 15 to 22 h; in both cases, from Monday to Friday. The theoretical groups may only be in the stripes from 9 to 14 h and from 16 to 21 h.
  5. The subjects will be distributed in blocks of 1 or 2 HR., but in no case more than two hours per shift and day of a group of subject (except for field trips) may provide.
  6. The Schedule shall establish by titling and course, avoiding the overlapping of subjects of the same course. In the case of optional subjects, the time coincidence of those giving rise to a same itinerary or orientation must be avoided.
  7. Those required classes that are common to two degrees with different shifts (one in morning and one evening) should offer a group for each qualification in its corresponding slot, regardless of funded loans.
  8. The optional subjects will be taught in the slots to determine for each course. When a degree spline teaching in groups of morning and afternoon, and offer an optional subject in one single shift, it will be held at the eleventh hour of the morning or afternoon first in order to make it accessible to all students.
  9. Insofar as possible, not be ofertarán more than two electives of the same itinerary of a qualification in identical time slot, in order to facilitate the greater range of choice of electives for students.
  10. The schedule and the classroom for each subject will appear in the virtual campus. Groups with less than 10 registrations must be teaching in seminars.
  11. Modifications will not be introduced in schedules once approved by the Board of faculty or changes on a unilateral proposal shall be permitted whether student, teacher, absence of causes of force majeure. In fact, only when a change in the allocation of teaching (by a low or any other unforeseen reason) impossible to keep scheduled hours, a request for modification of schedules before Dean duly justified may submit in writing. Such a proposal will be evaluated and will only be accepted if it does no harm to the students.
  12. With regard to the schedule of tests, it must be avoided that same time slot has two subjects of the same course. This calendar will be adopted in School Board along with schedules and may not modify.




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