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The Faculty of Arts has set up a structure and procedures for managing mobility programmes for students, both outgoing and incoming students. This process is managed in this centre in close collaboration with the University of Alicante's Mobility. Thus, our Centre is responsible for providing advice and guidance to students, allocate the places among applicant students, making their choice od subjects easier and apply the corresponding recognition of the credits they have taken.

The organizational structure as well as the procedures have been collected in the Regulations for the UA Faculty of Arts' Students Mobility(error correction). These regulations emerge as a development of the University of Alicante's Students Mobility Policy establishing the responsabilities of all those involved in implementing mobility programmes. It is worth mentioning the constitution of a Mobility Committee, to which the coordinators of studies, representative students, a member of the administrative staff  and the Vice Dean for Mobility.

Action protocols applied to the students participating in mobility programmes related to our Faculty are the following:

  1. For outgoing students, the procedures are as follow:
    1. Following the publication of the corresponding call for mobility stays, students should apply for participation through the University of Alicante's online platform and select 10 destinations of their choice;
    2. Applications are assessed by the Coordinators of Studies, who allocate the places accrding to the criteria established by the regulations in force;
    3. Students must submit a proposal of their studies (known as learning agreement) at the host university, and it should be validated by the coordinator of the studies that the student is taken;
    4. When students start at the host university, they should submit a copy of the learning agreement to Faculty's Mobility Office, sealed and validated by the Coordinator at the home university;
    5. When the stay is over, the Coordinator of Studies receives the student's report from the host university and proceed to complete the student's academic record.
  2. For incoming students, the procedures are as follow:
    1. They should submit their proposal of studies or learning agreement to our Faculty. This learning agreement must be validated by the corresponding Coordinator of Studies;
    2. At the beginning of both semesters, the Faculty organizes information sessions for incoming students in order to help them take advantage of their stay at our centre;

Information on our Faculty of Arts mobility actions, aparte de su desarrollo normativo, encuentran también acomodo en internet, para facilitar la información a los estudiantes y agilizar sus trámites. Toda esta información, con los correspondientes formularios, se puede consultar en la siguiente dirección:





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