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The University of Alicante's Master in Local Development and Territorial Innovation has celebrated the graduation of the third and fourth class of graduates (2009-2010) on Friday, 2nd December 2011 at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

The event was attended by the Vice President for Students, José Vicente Cabezuelo, the Vice Dean for Postgraduate Programmes at the Faculty of Arts, Rosana Gutierrez, the Director of the Master's Programme and lecturer at the Department of Human Geography, Antonio Martínez Puche, the Chairman of the Spanish Professional Federation of Local Development (FEPRODEL),  Javier González Cardona and Alejandro Morant Climent, MP for Local Development and Promotion at the Provincial Council of Alicante.

During the event, several public entities and associations of local development agents were awarded different distinctions in recognition to their professional work. They received this award from the Cabinet for Economic Development in Villena, in its 25th anniversary as the first local development agency in the province of Alicante. Also, ADLYPSE (Association of Local Development Agents and Socio-Economic Advancement of Valencia) and FEPRODEL were each honored for their tenths anniversaries.

For the first time, the work and effort of people from the academic professional who have worked for local development in the province of Alicante was recognized. These prizes were awarded to Sergio Galiana Escandell, ADL for Algueña and Hondón de los Frailes, associate lecturer at the UMH and former chairman of ADLYPSE-Alicante. Also, the Professor in Human Geography, Salvador Palazón Ferrando, former director of the Official Master's Programme in  Local Development and Territorial Innovation and current coordinator of the doctoral programme of the same name.

During the ceremony, the value as well as the national and international projection of this master was highlighted, whose embryo is placed over ten years of collaboration between the UA and the Centre for Rural Development (CEDER-Aitana) of Cocentaina, which used to managed the European Programme LEADER+. The crooscurriculat training of our students (geographers, sociologists, economists, labor sciences, courses in tourism, historians, biologists, agronomists, etc..) was also stressed by the academic authorities of our university as well as their diverse geographical origin, since not only students from Valencia come, but also from regions such as Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia, Catalonia and the Canary Islands, among others. It is highlighted in this and other editions, students coming from Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Morocco and China.

The Vice Dean for Postgraduate Programmes of this Faculty and the Director of the DPSC*, lecturer Juan Mesa Sanz who was commissioned to conduct the closing ceremony, highlighted the academic quality and guarantees of this master's, as it has recently passed with remarkable solvency the assessment made by the AVAP of Valencian Government, where this master's along with the one in Archaeology at the same Faculty, were the first masters' audited in a experimental phase at the UA.


DPSC = Doctoral & Postgraduate Studies Centre






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