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Master's Degree in History of the Mediterranean World and its Regions. From Prehistory to the Middle Ages.

Recognizing the Mediterranean identity means exploring the cultural diversity of European society. One of the aims of the Master's degree is to find mechanisms for promoting integration, respect for diversity and cohesion across the Mediterranean and European territory. In this sense, the Master's program can provide students with the necessary research training to identify the socio-economic, political and cultural foundations and structures inherited from Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages, in order to promote and encourage historical analysis.

The students' training will focus on examining these historical periods to acquire the research techniques that will enable them to conduct specialized research. With this course students will receive an interdisciplinary training with the objective of preparing them for a research career.

The orientation and teaching methodology of the Master's degree, with face-to-face and distance learning formats, is not only suitable for students of the University of Alicante, but it is also attractive to students from other universities, with the aim of guiding their research career towards historical processes in the field of Prehistory, Ancient History and Medieval History of the Mediterranean world. In addition, the international and specialized character adopted by the Master’s will arouse the interest of students from other European countries and from the rest of the world.

It is intended to enhance the competences and complement the knowledge acquired by students during their undergraduate studies, with the aim of preparing them for access to doctoral studies and facilitating the definition of their specific line of research.

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