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Mensaje del Decano

Juan Mesa Sanz Decano de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras

On behalf of the entire teaching and learning community, and its administration and services staff, I welcome you to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Alicante. You will discover the reasons that make me proud of it.

Our Faculty, the germ of the magnificent university that hosts it, is organized around leading research teams, who enjoy a high prestige in their fields. Because that is the best European university tradition, the construction of knowledge from inquiry and the search for new questions and their corresponding answers, the permanent fire of curiosity, of restlessness, of the desire to know.

From the results of research, and from the application with the same enthusiasm of scientific methods to the development of innovative teaching and technological efforts, the complete catalogue of our Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees emerges, which, beyond the transmission of the knowledge of memory, communication or understanding, aim to form citizens and their integrity, as culturally committed and socially involved players. All of this, without neglecting the challenges that the 21st century puts before us, so that the skills, competencies and content received must enhance the entrepreneurial spirit, because society must be given back what it has given us.

Therefore, our training offer is also aimed at institutions and companies, as our teaching and research teams can respond to their needs in the areas of our field: humanities, geography, land planning, archeology, heritage, translation, interpretation, language learning, text editing, digital treatment of large bodies of documents, local development, literary creation, and a long list of other things that I invite you to know. Beyond the official diplomas, our departments can design specific offers on demand, so that every year the generous training offer of the center is extended through seminars and special courses.

Juan Francisco Mesa Sanz

Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

Decanos de la Facultad


Francisco Aura Jorro: 1993 - 2002




Antonio Gil Olcina: 1976 - 1979


Jorge Olcina


Antonio Mestre Sanchis: 1980 - 1986


Antonio Ramos Hidalgo: 1990 - 1992



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